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Headquartered in Indian country America, we are associated with several law firms in Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, India, Myanmar, Laos, Philippines, Indonesia, Fiji, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. We have early retired judges, scholars, and experienced lawyers in our Team. We hold Tribal Court anywhere.

We are addicted to handling sensitive issues like Indigenous Peoples' rights, property rights, and human rights. Banking and finance is another major laser-like focus in our practice. We take a very proactive approach in resolving disputes with anti-aboriginal governments who claim they found terra nullius (no man's land) where aboriginal presence was significantly evident. Sic utere tuo ut alterium non laedes. (So use you own so as to not harm others). We promote the unique role of justice, not merely the sedentary and pedestrian rule of law.

In Indian country America, we are very assertive in qualifying all persons with special skills and talents into enrolled tribal membership status. We need and seek quality not quantity. Tribal member status grants you immigration privileges, tax exempt benefits for individuals and corporations, housing and educational loans, land acquisitions, tribal court jurisdiction, work and travel permits, diplomatic passports, to name a few.

Our mainstay in Indian country America is fighting foreclosures by proving mortgage fraud and the land title fraud to eliminate the "mortgage debt" by persuading state and federal courts to recognize federal laws that offer full faith and credit to tribal court judgments. We also prove to state court judges that they cannot offer creditor relief to unconstitutional bank-friendly mortgage laws because of their Oaths of Office based on state and federal constitutions.

Thus far, we are succeeding in getting our tribal court money-judgments collected.

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Probe with a bayonet: if you meet steel, stop. If you meet mush, push.

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indigenous people united globally

A Latin maxim - sic utere tuo ut alterum non laedes - advocates that "no one is to to use his property in such a manner as to injure that of another." THAT IS OUR MOTTO, and we wish, trust, hope and pray that the government will heed this timeless advice.