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It's About Time

Most tribes are living under appalling conditions that demand immediate correction -- poverty, squalor, the junkiest of food, atrocious health care, the stealing of the land and resources, importation of drugs and alcohol and then imprisonment for falling into the trap they laid. It is genocide which is the destruction of a people using murder and other seemingly civilized actions including education which destroys their culture and language.

The BIA (Bureau Of Indian Affairs) presents itself as protector of the tribes and has illegally positioned itself as the trustee of all the tribes assets and resources. The result has been to impose massive corrupt governance on the tribes where almost all the benefits go to the BIA, its superiors and the tribal members who take the jobs which collude in the corruption.

The tribal youth are being targeted by this. Many of the youth get this. Some of the leaders who haven't been lulled into accepting this status quo as inevirable get it too.

The time has come to leave this open air concentration camp and to learn to assert the power and sovereignty you have.

The Challenge

  1. Tribes worldwide strive to regain their lands and resume their traditional ways.
  2. The imperial forces have stolen their lands and committed genocide.
  3. You figured out many of the things that are wrong and you see the deck is stacked against you.
  4. You have the power to this. Band together and use it.
  5. The enemy's system is falling apart. Use this to advantage. Rebuild a system to replace this, managing current resources in the traditional ethical ways for the people.

SATTT, A Solution.

  1. SATTT, the Sec Am Tek Tek Tribe was formed to faciltate the gathering of indigenous peoples to solve their common problems.
  2. Tribes will make Treaties of Peace, Partnership and Prosperity with SATTT and each other.
  3. SATTT will assist tribes in achieving a full status as a nation, a nation having
    1. a defined people
    2. defined land
    3. a government consisting of legislative, administrative and judicial branches and having police power.
    4. the ability to make treaties with other nations.
    This includes getting our own country code for international recognition and our phone, internet and banking system.
  4. Partnership will allow tribes that don't have a fully functional traditional court system because of infiltration by the BIA and other elements to use SATTT's court for their initial actions.
  5. Prosperity will come from getting funds from the value of your land without exploiting its resourcees our endangering you claim to it. This includes getting back control of lands you have been led to believe have been permanently taking away from.
  6. With a small part of these land proceeeds, you can bring your people into the NALJC's Monetize Certificate Of Live Birth which will bring financial independence of each of your people that join.
  7. With the remaining large portion of your funds, you can rebuild your education system, restore you cultural and rebuild your infrastructure in traditional ways. becoming an economic magnet to show others oppressed by the western banking system how things should be done.
  8. Other programs are in progess.
  9. There are many other very positive influences tribes can have on science especially energy, medicine and the arts.

The Problems

The Goal

The indigenuos people worldwide dream of regaining their sacred lands with its resources where they can again exercise their sovereignty and traditional ways. America was a fully developed land with peaceful govesrnment operating with the consent of the people long bedore the undocumented colonists arrived.

Who Caused This Disaster.

The tribes aided the newcomers. If the land had not already been cultivated and developed by the natives, it would have been a thick inpenetrable forest and life would have been extremely difficult for the newcomers. Countries like Spain, France and especially England turned on the natives and invaded these lands and people. Using the papal Doctrine of Discovery and the process of colonization, the feudal monarchs committed genocide to seize the lands and resources of the natives.

The tribes ended up in poverty, oppression by federal Indian schools and federal police. Many are in prison. The natives were led to believe it was all their fault as an inferior people. The oppressors portrayed themselves as beneficial guardians of the tribes.

You are right, things are very wrong.

Many of the American colonists had good intentions and had good relations with the tribes. They themselves left England to escape a corrupt oppressive monarchial governments of the rich. England used its strategy to divide and conquer to set the tribes against the colonists and tribes against other tribes.

In 1835 The City Of London got Andrew Jackson to illegally destroy the National Bank. This opened the door for the British to infiltrate the US government. Jackson started the Trail on Tears and other atrocities on the tribes. This eventually led to the East India Company taking effective control of the constitutional US government by in 1871 and turning it into a for-profit oration. They also decided to make no more treaties with tribes so that they could not be accused of breaking treaties.

Presently in the US, the BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs) is running an effective mind-control operation to impoverish, divide and destroy the tribes and their culture.

The Only Thing To Fear is Fear Itself.

The Solution

Time For Action -- How To Defeat The Enemy.

indigenous people united globally

A Latin maxim - sic utere tuo ut alterum non laedes - advocates that "no one is to to use his property in such a manner as to injure that of another." THAT IS OUR MOTTO, and we wish, trust, hope and pray that the government will heed this timeless advice.