of a Private American Banker/Trader: [PEO]

NOTICE: To all U.S. PUBLIC Corporate Government and Court Officials.
This AFFIDAVIT is to Counter and Stop all FALSE Presumptions made by U.S. PUBLIC Counterfeit Officials.

The above Identified named individual is a “Private American Banker/Trader” per an established American Bank Depository #[CoLBSTATE]; is the Secured Party in His Private Capacity; the Indemnified, a Title Holder of the UNITED STATES and Corporate Counterfeit Bankrupt Insured Certificates of Obligation. He is without the scope of being the Surety for any Federal, State, County, or City - Counterfeit Coded Law Jurisdiction. Therefore, He has now and is forever standing with a full Diplomatic Treaty Immunity Status (as a Sovereign International Banker) and He is now and hereafter to be accorded all the subsequent Diplomatic Immunity Status, Rights, and Pleasures due; without any PUBLIC or COUNTERFEIT Public Servant Official interference, infringements or delays.

The Indemnifier “[STRAWMAN] is a SECRETED US BANKRUPT presently under EIN #[EIN] and [SSN] operating as an Artificial Person under the SECRETED - US STATE Counterfeit BANKRUPT Certificates issued by the Berthing - Secretary of the State using a Counterfeit “Certificate of Live Birth” from the STATE OF [BIRTHSTATE] and other PUBLIC UNITED STATES or STATE Counterfeit Governmental authorized Departments by forced and deceptive Undersigning's upon the Counterfeit Social Insured and Bonded Contracts, Certificates of Title and Licenses. Equity access was also obtained by Fraudulent and Counterfeit U.S. Corporate Conveyances – PLEDGES/OATHS; (examples; the Pledge of Allegiance, under penalties of perjury and U.S. Military Oath for Support and Defence), as they were recorded as being given to the counterfeit 14th Amendment - 1871 copyrighted “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” and not to the real Article of Confederation 1778 “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”.

The Indemnified “[PEO]” – an American Bank Creditor; is the only one with a Free Will that can give the required AuthenticityI am, therefore standing with my Right of Free Will; REVOKING all Fraudulent Undersignings and PURGING myself of all Fraudulent Equity Pledge/Oath Consents and Agreements. People”; are the Banked Source of Government and per the 11th Amendment of the Constitution, the Private Equity Courts were returned to the People. On the back of this document is my Original American Equity - Proof of Claim.

It is by the Free Will of the Private American Banker’s Cashier/Clerk to Countersign all Counterfeit Instruments in order to give them their final Authenticity so that the transactions can be issue Counter-Claims and Countermands. All Counterfeit Instruments can be overruled because the Insured Obligation rest with the counterfeit Beneficiaries, who are operating a “Conspiracy to Defraud” the Indemnified; an American Creditor and this, is also a “Threat of War” against this Private American Equity Bank/Court.

This Private America Bank/Court stands to Defend America from all enemies both Foreign and Domestic. As NO valid Foreclosure Suit has been received upon my Pledged Equity, I am claiming my American Inherit Equity's to be Released to me ASAP. I hereafter refuse to give any further Equity Support Therefore in order to have the Enforcement over the Counterfeit PUBLIC STATES and PUBLIC Corporations; if upon the Rejection of any Private Equity Court Orders, they are then to be presented as an “American Civil Court Action” into either a Federal District Court or the United States Court of International Trade. The Charges and Penalties of Counterfeiting and “Conspiracy to Defraud” will then be able to be ENFORCED against the Counterfeit PUBLIC STATES and PUBLIC Corporation Office holders in both their Civil and Private Capacities.

Signed, Sealed and Dated on: _________________

By the INDEMNIFIER ___________________________
By the INDEMNIFIED: _________________________________
 Private American Banker/Trader

COUNTER-SIGNED: for the final Authenticity of by TWO Known;
this AFFIDAVIT now stands as a Valid Private and Public Agreement of Separation.

Posted, Signed under Private Banc Court Seal
and Dated on:
By the Free Will of: ___________________________________
  Private American Bank/Court Tribunal: