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Posted, Signed, Sealed and Dated on: _______________

By the Overstanding Will of: ___________________________________________
[PEO], American Principal Executive Officer (PEO) and Curator
Genuine American Principal Legacy Owner under SEAL of Life

Dear [agent],

As the UNITED STATES - Social Security Insured Policy #[SSN] is a Contract of Treason, that has Underwritten but was presented under Deception and without Full Disclosure; and thus is a Foreign Monetary Conspiracy to Defraud the United States of America and its People.

Therefore as I am the listed UNDERWRITER, I am Here and Now, this very Time and Day of delivery; by my Will and my Over Standing, Alleging this Overt Act of Conspiracy and thereby I REVOKE my Underwritings for the SOCIAL SECURITY INSURED CONTRACT and All attached Foreign STATE Municipal and Corporate Insured Products.

All Underwritten Insured Products are to be LIQUIDATED - ASAP and the Residue returned to the injured parties per this United States of America and this American Principal Legacy Owner.