EXECUTIVE’S ORDER: CLAIM OF FALSE REGISTRY: to the Public Governmental Officials and Courts:

THE CLAIM: The living Individual’s Rebuttal and Claim of the required Forfeited ENTITY: The STATE OF [BIRTHSTATE] has under False pretenses recorded a False Registry for their Benefit

This Document, the [CoLBTitle], is a FALSE REGISTRY per the LAW.

[PAGEBREAK] Incorrect Recording: (Done under a recording of false name characters and false presumptions to create a STATE Governmental beneficial Corporate ENTITY, a FALSE REGISTRY. The given permanent name was placed first, then the middle names and then the family name was placed last). [WrongOrder] Corrections Required by the LAW: (In order to properly identify the true Living Individuals; as the only ones that could make valid Inheritance Claims; the Family Name always has to come first, then the given name and then the additional middle names..) [RightOrder] The above noted STATE OF [BIRTHSTATE] – [CoLBTITLE] is Hereby Acknowledged as a Violation of the Living LAWS. The STATE OF I[BIRTHSTATE] and its employees were parties to the initial crime of false registration and false document pretenses in order that a US/[BIRTHST] - STATE Corporate ENTITY could be created for their Benefit. With the Documented False Registration, as a Mistake in understanding of three individual NAMES in LAW; setting up the false presumptions and deceptive requirements of the governmental approved document: the STATE OF [BIRTHSTATE] – [CoLBTITLE] Form. As the Living Individual is the ONLY ONE that can be a valid witness of one’s true self; this recorded document Stands as a FACT in LAW and a Lawful Claim against this UNITED STATES and STATE OF IBIRTHSTATE] FALSE REGISTRY.

The District Court of the United States by EXECUTOR ORDER is to have this document recorded and the records corrected to reflect to Correct Living Individual Names of the Child, Father and Mother for the above identified STATE OF [BIRTHSTATE] Registry Document and this is Required to be completed within 3 days or it will stand as a charge of Obstructing Justice. {32 Am J1st Obst J § 1.}

Therefore all property and cargo held under the US/[BIRTHST] governmental FALSE REGISTRY and fraudulent registrations of the US/IA Corporate ENTITY “[Strawman]” contracts is now CLAIMED by the one and only lawful United States of America Executor “one of We the People” standing over this US/[BIRTHST] corporate ENTITY “falsely registered [Strawman]”; by the living American native Individual “[TrueName]”, with the authority per the American Laws. {48 Am J1st Ship § 23.} This American Executor, now CLAIMS all of his protected America Rights and Liberties as his inherit American property and assets which are now to be Reposed to him in an inalienable condition, upon this American Demand of Justice.

Also refer to the attached: AFFIDAVIT of the American Living Individual: [TrueName].

Signed and Sealed on _______________.
By the the Lawful United States of America Executor: ____________________________________________
 [TrueName]; a native American