Private International Postmaster Registered and Sealed

AFFIDAVIT of the American Living Individual: [RealName]:

I am, the Living American Individual, with a first name of “[FamilyName]”, as my birthing family/surname name - the First name assigned to me and a given name of “[GivenName]” with [MiddlePhrase], as my permanent name or true living Last/Christian name given upon my American birthing. Therefore, the True Order of my individual name is “[TrueName]” for my protected Rights and the ordered delivery of my lawful American Individual Inheritance and Credits.

Creation of a False Registry CORPORATE ENTITY – as a Surety Depository:

The usage of MY Name in the reverse order per the commercial name game: “Given name”, “Middle name”, Family name” was a FALSE REGISTRY as a Governmental Guardianship Surety creation in order to setup a State Capital Corporate Bastardly ENTITY, a surety depository for the Governmental Commercial Commerce and to hold the Individual’s credits under commercial Fiducia Intercourse contracts. The Guardians then trained the Living Individual to misidentify himself by using the wrong sequencing of the first and last name. The Guardians then used their NON - United States Post Offices (Commercial Capital POSTAL Offices) in order to legally deprive and/or prevent the ordered delivery of the Individual Creditor’s American Inheritance, lawful assets and property when he demanded it.

The Governmental Capital Treasury POSTAL Systems were setup as follows; their delivery system used has to match-up the first 3 characters of the Lawful Last name of the individual along with the last 4 digits of the Zip code, which is your Post route box number (and the 9 digit ZIP code is also the postal bank routing number) for the ordered delivery of your inheritance. But when there is no match-up the ordered delivery because the family name is used instead of the given name, the delivery is then posted to their dead mail file and the assets remain under their guardianship as Governmental or Corporate Trustees.

Therefore, I will charge commercial postal Mail Fraud unless my true name and delivery address are corrected today and my claimed credits are immediately delivered upon the receipt of this Affidavit.

My true and correct living Individual Creditor’s name and delivery address are to be recorded by the United States Post Office and all Postal systems as follows:

[PAGEBREAK] This correction of my name is required because the Guardian’s Postal system (using the PMB) uses the wrong name to match and identify me because of this False Registry and thus claims an Incorrect delivery address or a Dead ENTITYof that corporate ENTITY. This then creates a intentional MISMATCH and therefore No Delivery is made to the living Individual Creditor. He is not found for the name has been falsely registered as: I, [TrueName], standing with my American Protected Rights; do here and now REBUT all that is Wrong or is in Error by the usage of the two different names. Therefore, this Affidavit is put forth to correct those Wrongs and Errors that have been operating under False Registries; in that the Living Individual and the State Corporate Bastardy ENTITY are one in the same; for they are not.

I am now DEMANDING JUSTICE and this Affidavit stands as a Fact in the Laws of the Living Land and there is no one on Earth that can now rebut it. I know who I am and now you also know.

Signed and Sealed on _______________.
By the non-resident alien International Christian American: ____________________________________________
 [TrueName]; a native American