Private International Postmaster Registered and Sealed

AFFIDAVIT of the International American Christian – Executor/Owner: [RealName]:

I am, standing upon the Laws of International Christian Banking; per the Internationally accepted Christian Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost or to be properly known by my true International Christian name; [RealName]: the Living International American Individual Christian, with a first name of “[FamilyName]”, as the name of my Father, my birthing family/surname name and the First name assigned to me; a given name of “[GivenName]” as I am the Son of the Father and with [MiddlePhrase]. This is then my one and only true Internationally accepted Christian name, that was given to me upon my International American native birthing from the Land of America, not from the National UNITED STATES.

Everything in Commerce is about Banking: it was either it to be Just Exchangement Banking with no usury as was the 1789 International American Christian system or the Money Changers system of unjust USURY known as 1871 National POSTAL “or Jewish” Banking, using the 1920 False Registry Corporate Entity financial vessels. I am only claiming what is my lawful American inheritance and I also have chosen and demand the 1789 International American Christian Banking system, as this is what America was founded upon. As I am of Age, I am Claiming all of my American Christian Rights and Liberties of just Banking that are protected by the International American Banking Treaties, with the main International Treaty being the “Declaration of Independence” and the last International Treaty with the American “Christian” People; was known as the Articles of Confederation “which could have also been titled the Treaty of Philadelphia”. My International American Christian Rights are also protected by the International Constitutional Statutory Enacted Law known as the Expatriation Act of July 27, 1868. Therefore, I am, by the Laws of International American Banking and its International Treaties, ordering the Repose delivery of my in trusted International American Individual Inheritance and the reclaiming of my Just assets held under National Certificates of False “Postal Banking” Registry in the IOWA Capital, the UNITED STATES Capital and the Church of Rome - National Bankruptcy Postal Treasury Department Depository accounts.

The STATE OF [STATE] and the UNITED STATES – National Bankrupt Postal government organizations created the Postal registered National Corporate ENTITY – [STRAWMAN]; as STATE National Treasury Postal Surety Depositories; a falsely registered and false named financial vessel holding the International American Christian’s assets in order to operate upon the seas of commercial usury commerce for their prime beneficial banking usage. The usage of my name in the reverse order by the STATE National Postal governments in their deceptive name game: “[Strawman]”; then gave the STATE National Postal Governments Control and Guardianship over this False Registry - National Financial Vessel Surety creation; as it was now a STATE National Corporate Bastardly ENTITY. The STATE and the UNITED STATES have been deceptively operating the National Postal ENTITY’s financial vessels under their fraudulent and deceptive National Codes of Law with the main one being the National USC Title 46 – Shipping CODE. Therefore, the STATE National governmental Bankrupt Capital - Postal Treasury Departments are the true National FATHER of the National Bastardly ENTITY’s postal vessels but they cannot Own them as only the living can be the true owners. As the National FATHER, they are by the law obligated to pay and settle all the National Bastardly Bills and Charges and Repose the False Registry financial vessels and cargo to the International Owner when Claimed by their False Registries.

Therefore, based upon the International American Constitutional Statutory Laws enacted by the First Congress, Session 1, Chapter 5 on July 31, 1789 and which is superior International Law and is still in effect today, therefore the United States Court of International Trade is obligated to uphold this Law. As the lawful International American Christian Executor, I am claiming the Forfeiture of all of the above and UNITED STATES - National Bankrupt Postal corporate ENTITY’s financial vessels and cargo; per the International Law of the Land.

I am, by my International Christian Executor’s Will, going to charge the foreign Postal Treasury Departments and their employees, with violations of the Christian Constitution and American Mail Fraud, unless my true name and delivery address are not correct today and my claimed credits are not now delivered upon the receipt of this Affidavit. For my true International American Christian Executor’s name and delivery address are recorded on PS-4232, which has been posted with my local American Post Office and also faxed to the main International America “Treasury Department” Post Office as follows:

I have submitted PS-3575 forms to correct the Delivery addresses for the National corporate ENTITY – [STRAWMAN], which always has been the obligation of the National Postal Banking responsibility of the STATE OF [STATE] and the UNITED STATES National Capital Postal – Postmasters under their National PMB – Postmaster Treasury Banking routing #’s: xxxxx-9999 for deposits and xxxxx-9998 for withdrawals, with the “xxxxx” being their National capital postal zip code; as they are the STATE National Capital Postal Treasury Department Registrars to do the obligated depository postings. The STATE National Capital Postal Treasury Department Comptrollers and Treasurers are also under notice of their obligations for the payment and settlements of all postal bills and charges against the public National postal corporate bastardy ENTITY – [STRAWMAN].

I, [RealName]; standing with my International American Treaty Protected Christian Rights; do here and now REBUT all that is Wrong or is in Error by claiming the Repose of all of my liberties and assets held under the false registry using the False name or names. Therefore, this Affidavit is put forth to correct those Wrongs and Errors that have been operating under false presumptions; in that the International Christian American (a native to America and a non-resident alien to the National UNITED STATES) and the STATE National Postal Corporate Bastardly ENTITY are one and the same; for they are not. As an International American Christian, I have been harmed by the taking of my life blood of just commerce as it is well documented in Shakespeare's “Merchant of Venice” and same Justice has to be upheld when the blood has been drawn without just consent and compensation.

I have chosen the Truth; now I am DEMANDING my International American Christian Banking JUSTICE and RELIEF. This Affidavit now stands as a Fact in the International American Laws of Treaty Laws and the Christian BIBLE Laws for the Living Land of America over the National Government chartered organizations and there is no one on this Earth that can now Rebut it; because I know who I am.

This AFFIDAVIT stands over all other affidavits submitted by this International American.

Posted, Signed and Sealed on _______________.
By the non-resident alien - International Christian American: ____________________________________________
 [Realname]; American Christian